Campus dormitories are centrally air conditioned. The rooms are equipped with a kitchenette (stove-top, refrigerator, sink and microwave), private bathroom and patio. Laundry facilities are conveniently located. You must bring your own sheets, pillows, towels, a light blanket if needed, and toiletries including toilet paper. Contact the school to reserve a room with anticipated time. There is a room and key deposit, payable online, once the request for housing form is completed. The room and key deposit will be refunded once the room is inspected during check-out and certified that there are no damages.

Off-campus Housing

In the event that on-campus housing is no longer available, UHSA has designated off-campus housing available for students. These facilities are conveniently located and are in safe locations. For more information, contact the housing department.


Transportation services are available between designated off-campus university housing facilities and the UHSA campus. Students choosing to use this plan will be required to pay $450.00 USD per semester for a transportation pass. Passes are not refundable or pro-rated. To request a transportation pass, please visit the payment portal. The transportation schedule will be provided prior to the beginning of each semester.

Housing Costs

One-bedroom apartment with air conditioner & kitchenette $800.00 monthly
Studio room with air conditioner & kitchenette $700.00 monthly
Shared studio dorm with air conditioner & kitchenette (per person) $350.00 monthly
Single occupancy with air conditioner (no kitchenette) $600.00 monthly
Single occupancy without air conditioner $450.00 monthly
Shared occupancy with air conditioner (per person) $300.00 monthly
Shared occupancy without air conditioner (per person) $225.00 monthly
Free Clinic apartment with air conditioner – upstairs (per person) $750.00 monthly
Free Clinic apartment with air conditioner – downstairs (per person) $650.00 monthly
Housing requests must be accompanied by the full payment of the selected accommodation preference plus a room and key deposit of $175.00 or applicable security deposit of one month’s rent for the Free Clinic apartments. The room and key deposit/security deposit will be refunded to the student upon completion of the Basic Sciences portion of the medical program or if the student no longer desires on-campus housing. UHSA reserves the right to make changes to these fees. Occupancy takes effect at the beginning of the week of Orientation (Monday). No students will be permitted to stay on campus prior to this date, as no administrative staff will be available on the weekend.