University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA) is considered among the top notch educational institutes in the Caribbean. It was founded in 1892. The campus is located downhill near Falmouth, Antigua, in the Caribbean. UHSA follows a US based curriculum and confers its graduates as Doctors of Medicine (MD). This awarded institute is dedicated to produce highly trained and skilled professionals in the field of medicine. These dedicated physicians, nurses and researchers are busy making the world a better place by bringing innovation to the modern medicine to reduce crises. Their motto ‘God and Country’ reflects the greater purpose one can achieve in the service of humanity.

The university offers four year course study with two year study of basic science courses and remainder of course in the clinical clerkships at affiliated hospitals in the United States, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and China. The degree scope is also wide with recognition from Government of Antigua and Barbuda. UHSA also have the honor of being listed in FAIMER International Medical Directory (IMED) and AVICENNA Directory for medicine.

UHSA Medical School offers students the prospect of achieving the greater cause of humanity with good training and wide-ranging courses. UHSA Medical School covers the curriculum of covering Basic Sciences on-Campus in Antigua and the Clinical Sciences in affiliated hospitals in other countries. The School offers many programs depending on one’s educational capabilities including Traditional M.D. program, BSc leading to M.D Programs and Combined Degree M.D Programs. Entrance requirements comprise a minimum of 3.0 GPA and a Bachelor’s degree with 90 undergraduate level credit hours.

Macedonia Nursing Schools is yet another establishment by UHSA. Macedonia nursing school offers a three-year program of RN (Registered Nurse) leading to the Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN). This program like UHSA medical school follows the US curriculum as well as the Caribbean Regional Board Nursing Guidelines. Due to this carefully designed curriculum, graduates from Macedonia Nursing School, can practice in any part of the Caribbean and US. They are also allowed to practice in many other countries.

Entry requirements for entry level students from Caribbean includes five (5) G.C.E.O level passes with a minimum grade of C, or five (5) CXC General passes with a minimum grade of lll. For US and other International Students, a minimum GPA of two (2.0) with official transcripts displaying successful completion of English, Mathematics and Chemistry with a minimum grade of C. The program is completed all in all on the campus located in Antigua. The school concentrates on the development and implementation of good training with improved skills in administration and communication skills while covering up all the related courses to nursing. Graduates of the program are capable to take the NCLEX examination with a good faith. They are also eligible to take the Caribbean Regional Board Examination for licensure as an RN. A lot of options and hence, a lot of opportunities in so many places.