Each semester is 18-weeks, giving students a short break between their studies. New and transferring students may apply for January and August start dates while May is reserved for transfer students only. The first two years, semesters 1-4, are dedicated to completing the Basic Sciences at the serene UHSA campus on the beautiful island of Antigua. Upon completion of the Basic Sciences, students spend the fifth semester (16-weeks) completing the block review Integrated Review of the Basic Sciences. Following the fifth semester, students spend the final two years of the medical program completing the Clinical Sciences.

The UHSA M.D. program is based upon the curriculum standards of U.S. medical schools by fully integrating the basic and clinical sciences throughout the entire M.D. program. Students begin interacting with patients during the first semester through local clinics around the island, in addition to UHSA’s Free Clinic of English Harbour where students are supervised by both UHSA faculty as well as experienced practicing physicians and nurses from clinics and hospitals around the island.